SoCal MC Theft Ring Busted

+1 for the good guys...If you think of the hub and spoke theory there is always a trail of money and other things that tracks back to the main people...It would be interesting to know how far they traveled to steal machines...
Sure looks like a white busa front on the ground in one of those pics...
Glad they got the scum. We need more police work like this. Now if the courts do their job it will be even better.

That's a big "if". Some of them will be probably considered first time offenders and be sent home on probation to continue to steal. Others will receive help from the folks that were making all of the money to purchase expensive lawyers to get them released so that they don't snitch for a short sentence.

If you come into my yard uninvited, I will shoot and reply with oops.
Yea that is some of them caught...... sure there are more , but me , my dog and my piece will keep a vigilant eye out for them scum around my pad !!!
It is a good thing that they actually got a few people...the plan of the longer the investigation = getting more bad guys doesn't always work...hopefully the bikes they did get go back to the owners...