Smoked  front turnsignals?


Hey everyone. Not new to the board..just havent been around for awhile, had to re-register. Any hoooo....

Does anyone know if someone makes tinted or smoked front turnsignals? Im not personally into the clear lenses and not wild about my stock yellow ones. Any ideas?

paint em black and leave a small line around the outter edge not painted so you can still see them blink

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Cache, are those painted or is it the vinyl tape which was mentioned above? Looks good. Also, are you running a PCIIIr with your Muzzy? What map are you using? The Dynojet Muzzy map? Just curious.

Was just at the Toronto Motorcylce Show on the weekend....A compnay out of Montreal (well at least ALL that I spoke to had FRENCH accents) was selling Smoked front signal lenses....$40 CDN I think for the pair..Sorry I didn't pick up a business card from them (don't know why???) so I can't tell you what the name of the company was...<aybe someone else did and still has it!

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I just picked these up at bike show saturday with led 1156 yellow bulbs from the montreal guys for 50 bucks Canadian. They are alot more on their websight. If they are still cheap I might pick up some more in early january bike show and sell them. Should look good on my siver Busa.

By the way Captain thanks for showing me the light for pix posting unless off course this one dont work
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