Sidi cobra warranty positive review


So the stitching inside my right boot had come apart approximately 2 months after purchase.
(No pics cause my phone just broke)
I went thru the warranty process below.
In America there is only one Sidi warranty rep, that is Motonation in California.

Sent them pics of defect and also of original purchase receipt.

Eric responded to me within 1 week with response confirming potentially a warranty issue and that it would be worth it to send them in. He sent me a RA# and requested I remove all aftermarket accessories from them. Told me 30 days til the RA# is void, and to not use them again, just send em in.

Attn: Warranty Claims
10225 Prospect Ave.
Santee, CA 92071

The shipping was on my dime with reimbursement if warranty coverage is deemed appropriate.

He received the boots and got back to me within 2 weeks. Confirmed manufacturers defect and that the boots will be replaced.

Fortunate for me the Sidi Cobras are discontinued so I get some Cobra Air's as replacements.

Should be here soon.
Thought beneficial for y'all to know :)
Take care


He answered me within 1 week initially. Then 7-10 week for him to receive them thru shipping, then 4-7 days to process and get a new pair shipped out to me.
3 weeks total from initial email about defect to know that I'm getting a new pair. They should be here in a week..

4 weeks total

For being the only American Sidi rep, I find that good yes

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