Shinko 005 test ride today


Dr. Frankenstein
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The post is for the curious that don't already now, I'll try to make it a short story that applies to my own experience.
Hard acceleration-very good, high speed cornering-adequate to good, low speed cornering when going in-heavy or slow feeling but adequate with a little effort but not a struggle, exit with hard acceleration-good with no surprises.
Anyone looking to find the next big hidden secret to replace the PP, your not going to find it here.

Would I recommend it to a Mat Maladin wannabe - no.  Would I recommend it to a cheapskate that would only waste his money on and never use the potential of a PP - yes. Overall I felt comfortable and it did what I asked from it with no surprises, Would I do it again?-maybe not, I was feeling like a cheapskate when I ordered it and wanted to try something different. Its an OK or good tire you can live with just fine. Oh and the chicken strips,new tire-didn't push my luck. The side of the tread is so vertical that if anyone can take theses things to the edge, your my hero.

Most of the day was your typical afternoon cruise on the Pacific coast with upper 50's to lower 60's with a run to the top of Mt Tamalpais with my usual array of scenic shots that I won't bother you with as they have got to be looking all the same by now, unless someone really wants to see them


Mr Bogus

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There is a lot to be said about "adequate"... I think you just made that point very well... many of us do not need the PP and get along just fine on a tire that does not cost $200..

Cheap tire for commuting and super skins for those days on the twisties
anyone for 2 sets of rims?

Thanks for the review..


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nice shots Bill!!
that theater looks like some old roman ruins or something what a nice day it was


Enjoying 1 road at a time
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Bill, my two favorite shots are 1)your new tread pattern matches your driveway groove pattern 2)your reflection on the Mt. Tamalpais stone Your friend, Doyle

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