Screen Kit

Can someone help me find the pics of the Busa with the screen kit installed in the openings on the fairings. I saw it a while ago and I have always wanted to do the same to mine


I don't think there is a kit.
That was a fabricated item.
Its not hard to do.
I'll be doing it as soon as I find a place that sells
the same screen.

Look in some of those compact sport car magazines.
I know those guys fabricate grills and turbo openings.




The Watcher
I will try to get some pics for you .TDC did 3 or 4 bikes with the Chrome mesh. It looked very nice. you just have to glue them in place on the inside. I am sure that you can get them from their source.TDC Just ask Carlito oor Denny on their e-mail on the web site. I know they had a new Silver and Chrome Busa that they may have pics of.
I just did it last night looks great. Just buy a sheet at the parts store or an import performance shop. Mine cost 40$ for about 4'. Just cut it, bend it, and silicone it to the inside of the plastic. It is easy took a couple of hours.
That looks good, I am going to go get some of that. I already ordered some factory blue paint to match my busa and am doing that part and the Ram air ones.
TJ you rock thanks man I am going to see if I can find some of that screen in chrome I bet it will look good on the fastest color Blue Silver too

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