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So I learned today that my only nephew is getting married in August. They have picked a spot that is meaningful to them in Glacier National Park. Somewhere in the Logan Pass area. In a remote area. Only 10 people allowed in on permit for 30 minutes. Hike in some distance.

My mom (his granny) @ 93 can't travel anymore. Certainly nothing like this.

Id like to figure out how to Livestream some video if possible. Closest thing to being there for her.

So I'm wondering if this is an application for a satellite feed of some sort. Like a phone uplink that gets beamed down to an internet feed somehow?

Be nice if some of you brilliant minds can hook me up on this.

I only have just started thinking about this, so I probably can't offer much in particulars until I'm asked for them.


Live streaming is a great thing but once you get out into the sticks it can get problematic. If there is cell signal (big if) it will be from only one tower and depending on usage, weather, and a ton of other factors the stream may not work well or at all. If it was me, I would try a live stream but have another person taking a video recording as a back up. My 2 cents.


I have some experience with satellite communications. If cell signal is not looking good... Satellite communications isn't all it's cracked up to be. It is VERY expensive for things like video streaming. Unfortunately all of the small portable devices like the Iridium GO have very limited bandwidth and really meant for emails. Just to give you an idea, I think the cheapest option is an ISATHub which is an easy $1200 up front + your monthly cost. They usually bill at $3.50-3.80 a MB and your bandwidth is still limited to 384kbps. The video will be choppy and delayed. The last time I set up a project that needed video footage in a remote south american offshore location the cost was $20k up front and $4200 a month. Record it, it's the best way.


Well I had hopes. But after the responses from those with knowledge, I'll shelf this idea.


Kiwi Rider

Well I had hopes. But after the responses from those with knowledge, I'll shelf this idea.

Encourage them to have a second wedding at a location your Mom can go to . . . I have a friend that married a Chinese girl, they had 3 weddings, first was at the Registry office, second was in China at her parents place (mega rich Chinese company owner)
and the third was in Auckland NZ at his parents place, wealthy Doctors so no problem with paying for it!

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