running rich...


well my 02 busa is running so rich now that when I opened her up in 5th gear I sprayed my riding buddy with unspent gas right out of the pipes!!!

I have always smelled gas from the pipes but now it has gotten worse, now I'm fouling plugs out right and left.. ( only got 300 miles out of the last set I put in? )

what would cause the bike to do this... have I lost the stock map? the only thing I have done is put yoshi race bolt on's on the bike, but they have been on there for 2 years now?

would a power commander fix this with one of their maps or should I take it in to have the stock map checked.

what else could be the problem
You may want to check and be sure last time you changed your plugs you hooked all the hoses and sensors back up under the the jumper mod with your bike running and see if you get any codes.