variable causes of richness?


bike was running slightly rich when i bough the bike noticed mpg was in the 30-32 range in town, lowest of 29mpg when ran hard. it had the generic PC map on the PCIIIr. contact brocks performance as i have a GEN 3 system.

i loaded their 027-d map which is a street+mpg map. thinking this would get the bike running better and fix the richness.

i have noticed my MPG going down slowly. when i first installed the map it seemed to be slightly better(also installed new plugs and air filter). now there is stumbling around 3500-4000rpm, and my MPG has dropped into the 24 mpg range...thats with me driving careful

my question is...with it being variable it doesnt seem to be a map issue. what else can cause a richness problem? is it perhaps my PC is going bad? a sensor or something perhaps?
Could be a bad PC3.I would get it dyno tuned.Only way it will actuallt run right.I had a basic map in my PC3 and it ran awefull.Took it to a tuner and it runs great.These bikes run rich especially on top.Also check the hose to the map sensor.If it has come off or split, it can cause these issues.
yea i am trying to plan on a time to get the ECU tunes by ryan at schnitz, wanting to make sure everything is up to top spec before i put her on the dyno!

i will check the map hose! (if i can find it...time to look at schematics!)
I had a totally different look on this post's title! (being rich and all) Carry on!
I was looking for my pot of gold as well, anyway you didn't mention the mileage. Plugs, air filter, tune ... :dunno:
just un update to those down to 22-23 MPG...

i have been speaking with Brock from Brocks performance about this issue. it was basically stated that a SMALL amount (more than mine obviously) of soot is ok due to sulfer. i was also told that, although the Map he gave me for the bike is obviously not perfect for My individual bike, is not making this severe of problems.

he then input that he is strongly leaning towards my injectors starting to get particles in them and 1 if not more are having a "squirt gun effect" causeing issued with burning the fuel completely. he recommended "Wynns Powercharger" fuel system cleaner based upon his research. showing dynos and such as proof that it can help. it was recommened to use it in HIGH ratio's.
second option was to have the Injectors clean, rebuilt, flow matched, and balanced. this would be the ultimate fix and would allow me to completely negate this as an issue, and have records for how close my injectors are.

some other suggestions that i have noted:
chest AIP/map sensors
check vacuum lines/routing
unplug the PCIIIR (the bike should run lean from this due to the full exhaust system)

i will look into these issues, and will post back in results!
Any update? I'm having the same issues. Replaced PC and was better, not great but better, for a while. Getting bad again.
nothing to note...2 days after i posted my update i got really sick. and am just not getting better, Just in time for cold weather and snow! :(

at this time the motorcycle is away in the garage, i will try and get sometime this winter to mess with it, but as the garage is NOT heated, i would not put much hope into it.

post an update if you can figure it out!