Rode to Pinks All Out at MIR


To anyone who may have seen me and my buddy, thanx for the wave. we rode from S. NJ to waldorf, MD and back this weekend. Got lost via our wives navigation prowess, and had to make a 180mi backtrack/ detour. spent 8hrs in the saddle on friday and was feelin' pretty rough on arrival, but wouldnt want to have been on any other bike for that. Pinks sucked, the weather sucked, hell even some of the food sucked, but what a huge memory. 2 guys on busa's burnin' fuel and miles. we did have our families along too, but all caged up (we have little ones). to the guy on the k8 orange n black who passed us bout 6pm on rt 70 in MD, it had been a long while since we had seen any riders, and gave us some extra drive to keep pushin', thanx.:beerchug:

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