Revlis, Isalsa..


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I ain't dead yet...

Still in the Northwet. How the heck are ya? Long... LONG Time.
long time for sure, finally figured out how to log on, I haven't been on shorg since the takeover, been postin mostly at LA and 4life's...

anyhow, hopefully cookie gets his scrap metal back on the pavement for the spring?

just watched the Isalsa video, I miss rollin with that guy, did we ever have some rides... :whistle:

whos around anymore? haven't seen that squid@11k guy for a while now, he used to hit the beach now and then for a little pocket pool but its been years? dunno he just fell off? maybe he was sucked into the C6 vortex? :laugh:

seems all the good ridings in cali?

to the good ol' days... :beerchug:


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Rev you still here in the northwest?

Noah, are you around?
Hey, bro. I see Noah pretty often. In fact, I SAW him (though we did not speak) on Hwy 94 (Tecate turn-off) at a gnarly crash site on Sunday (day before yesterday). I have a call in to him asking for details of said crash (ergo, anyone I know?), and am awaiting his reply.

When I talk to him, I'll mention this thread and your interest in re-connecting.




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well? has he disowned me? :poke:
Very strange.

I saw him Thursday at Mira Mesa. He acknowledge your 'ping'.

I'm going to see him tomorrow morning, as well, early (Stampede Video Teaser filming), and I'll shake him out for you, bro.

I think I sent him a link to this thread by PM, as well. As you can see, he's not on the .oRg very often.

How can I dis-owned the guy showed me things on a Busa that everyone else said that was impossible.:bowdown:
me? we'll keep a few things on the d-low...

pretty sure you showed me a thing or two, remember Mercer Island twisties, it was dawn and Noah was 2 up, sparks were flying a I pushed the gixxer pretty hard for the street just so I could watch..

I miss the good ol days, its not like that around here anymore, STR broke up, cops everywhere...

we did do the 112 last summer, no mishaps thank god...

can't wait till you get back up here for some riding, some guys are still around on busas from the day..

man did we wreck some roads... good to hear from ya :beerchug:


Man,, D, you make us sound like we are growing moss or something.

Anyone wondering what Twisted looks like - see pic below! :whistle:

You should graph a Busa on his back then it would be a picture of a ride to the West Washington peninsula :poke:

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