Repsol Honda announces 2006 team!


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Repsol Honda confirms 2006 line-up
News, 22/11/05

It has been confirmed today that Nicky Hayden and Dani Pedrosa would spearhead the HRC MotoGP effort under the Repsol Honda banner in 2006.

Hayden, who took his maiden win last season at his home Grand Prix at Laguna Seca, is set for his fourth year with the official Honda team and after taking third overall in the 2005 Championship, he’s looking forward to mount a serious title challenge next year.

“The second half of 2005 has been good for me, not just the win at the US Grand Prix, but a general consistency in qualifying and the races has appeared and I really feel like I’ve taken a big step forward in ’05,†said Hayden.

The Kentucky Kid will team-up with Spanish sensation Dani Pedrosa, who will make his debut in the premier class after taking three consecutive titles, one in 125cc, two in 250cc.

“My whole career has happened so quickly and now, finally, the most important challenge is ahead,†said the 20 year-old Spaniard. “I’m very confident in the work HRC is doing and in the team we have in place for 2006.


HRC Managing Director Satoru Horiike commented: “This exciting and youthful Repsol Honda team offers HRC a fantastic challenge for the years ahead. In Nicky and Dani we have two of the best riders in the world and everyone within Honda and Repsol is excited about the 2006 World Championship.â€

Nicky is a go for next year!!

Go Hayden 2006!!!
Thanks for the update

It will be nice to see how well Pedrosa can do next year. He's been kickin azz everywhere else.
Just another lamb for Rossi to slaughter. I'm not a Rossi fan but the truth is the truth.
Just another lamb for Rossi to slaughter. I'm not a Rossi fan but the truth is the truth.
Nicky should stop being Mr.Niceguy and start playing rough like Rossi does. Hayden might crash a few times doing it, but then Rossi might get a bit scared and show the others some respect.

Gotta give Rossi credit for his skills, but always like to see a good fight to the finish.
Agreed!! It's time for Hayden to step up and start playing hardball with Rossi. He's shown that's he's got the potential to dethrone Rossi. He has a better bike but Rossi is just unrelenting to the competition. BTW-Where's Max Biaggi going? does he have a ride for next season?

Chris Vermullien (sp?) is riding for Zuk next year too, right?