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is a fuggin' d*&khead!!! Yes, the longtime mentor of Dani "f**K Pedro" Pedrosa is blaming Hayden of all people for the incident at Estoril last Sunday:

Punishments at HRC?

October 17, 2006
Following Dani Pedrosa's extremely controversial taking out of erstwhile points leader (and Repsol Honda teammate) Nicky Hayden at the Estoril MotoGP round, some in the European motorcycling press are calling for retribution within HRC. The nearly unanimous opinion is that Pedrosa's move was ill-advised at best, and many fans have called for his head, but because the rookie had been given no team orders, this seems extremely unlikely. That doesn't mean, however, that other people in the team won't pay a price.

According to Italian website, HRC General Manager Tsutomu Ishii is the most likely to be punished, and such a move would not be unprecedented; other HRC officials to have undergone similar treatment in the not-so-distant past include Kouji Nakajima and Carlo Fiorani.

Other overseas news sources are demanding that Alberto Puig be removed from the team. The Spaniard, who has the title of "crew chief" for the rider he has long mentored, was quoted this week on Spanish website making comments that seem to lay the blame for the crash at least partially with Hayden:

"Dani had a mathematical chance, so who would obligate him not to race?" Puig said, explaining why team orders were not in place. "He crashed because the other rider [Hayden] braked early, and he had to turn in. If that didn’t happen, he wouldn’t have crashed. Dani was going fine, and on the previous lap, Hayden had hit him.... A big deal is being made because this involves the leader of the championship and his teammate. The first thing Hayden had to do was get in front, which he hasn't done all year. I know it's terrible for Honda and for Nicky, but it could have happened to anyone.â€￾

to Dani Pedrosa

to Alberto Puig

Repsol Honda


Is there a vid of this anywhere yet... I missed the race.
I found the video on another site... I take back my vote to not fire pedrosa...

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"Pedrosa had a mathematical chance"

Puig sounds like the kind of guy that's surprised when he loses the lottery...
Guys, I gotta say - I am impressed with this interview, although I can't say exactly why...
He is real and respectful of the Doctor; even of Dani. Nicky's stock just went up with me...

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(MC MUSTANG @ Oct. 20 2006,01:58) Guys, I gotta say - I am impressed with this interview, although I can't say exactly why...
He is real and respectful of the Doctor; even of Dani.  Nicky's stock just went up with me...

Nicky's ALWAYS been a class act!! I, as well as many others, are prolly suprised that he held his composure after such a heart wrenching incident that *may* cost him the championship.

He is the consummate professional IMHO. There's no doubt about it. Pedro on the other hand is a different story....
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I know maybe Pedrosa can take out Rossi next time

damn shame
maybe something will turn for the better...
Puig needs to be fired!

Anyone stupid enough to say the crash was Nicky's fault has to go. Nicky wasn't riding Pedrosa's bike. What a frigg'in retard!!