Replacing rear spring with heavier one


I have a 2011 busa with a 330 osd and stretched 6 inches. I tried to tighten the rear suspension on it but when I ride 2 up with my wife on the back it sits to low and I don't want it to rub. Has anyone replaced there rear spring with a heavier spring without rebuilding the shock? and if so how did it ride and did you have any problems occur. I was planning on goin with a heavier spring from Racetech.
How heavy is your wife? No humor intended, but if she is over 125 lbs I would upgrade to an air ride or gas shock. You can always try the heavy spring first, then upgrade if needed.

My wife weighs 170. I wanna stay away from air ride its cool but just to much money and more stuff to break. I talked to Louie at Racetech and he was very helpful and i ended up ordering a heavier spring from them. So hopefully this fixes my problem but thanks for everyones input.
Mind me asking what you paid for the rear spring? My wife weighs 100lbs wet, but undertail will rub on the trash can bottom a little bit. Wouldn't mind a stiffer spring so I can drop the back down a little more plus not have it rub when we ride 2 up.
Someone asked the same question recently. Let me do a search.

Someone asked how heavy your wife was and you went to do a search? Online? Her closet? You don't know her weight, skinny or full figured as a husband you are obligated to lie about her weight.... I see no good ending for you in all of this.... Hopefully she doesn't read the org.

I upgraded to a 1400lb spring and def made a big difference on how the bike rides and handled. I'm stretched about 10.5". Bike rides great and I can take turns very well considering the stretch lol. Would highly recommend spring upgrade on Amy stretch bike. Considering stock spring is rated for 900lbs. Plus stretching adds extra "drag" weight to rear so usually you get more sag. Just my 2 cents