Gen 2 rear shock on Gen 1


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Hey Guys,.....I am sure a few of you have installed a Gen 2 rear shock on your Gen 1. My understanding is the Gen 2 has a higher rate spring. I rebuilt my front forks with RaceTech parts and replaced my rear shock with a Gen 2. (2011 with only 130 miles) When I installed the rear shock,.....I noticed the rear suspension was topped out and I did not have any static sag. (static sag=suspension settled on bike's weight alone). I positioned the adjusters almost to the top threads,....before the bike settled in around 25-30mm. After adjusting the compression and rebound,.....the front and rear work equally when jounced. Has anyone had the same experience with a Gen 2 rear shock on a Gen 1? Thanks, Guys!!
I have a genII shock on my stock genI bike and have it on the stock genII settings. 30mm of static sag is humongous, don't you think?
My static sag is about 10mm.
I'm also running a Gen II rear on my Gen I.

I honestly could not tell you the numbers but I know I don't have anything close to 30mm static in it. (It has been 3 years or so) I'd say it is closer to 5-10.

Yes, the spring rate on the Gen IIs are a bit higher. I think Race tech has the stock numbers posted. They did when I revalved and sprung the front forks and installed the gen II shock.
Thanks, Guys. The 25-30 mm is with me on the bike,....probably closer to 30-35mm. My front forks are at 40mm. I re-read my post,.......and it is confusing. Sorry about that!!!! My concern was my Gen 1 rear shock had to be adjusted about 1/3 of the threads from the top to get close to 30-35 mm with me on the bike. Probably due to a weak spring. The Gen 2 has to be adjusted near the top of the threads. Probably due to a stronger spring. I just finished making all the compression and rebound adjustments. The bike feels great. For the first time in a LONG time,.........the front and rear compress and rebound equally. Can't wait to ride it!!!