Replacement battery - Gen 1 - which is best


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I know the larger (14) model Yuasa is supposed to be the best conventional battery but I'm curious if there is something that might be different/better ? I need a new one and well the bike doesnt get taken out nearly enough. I keep it on a battery tender but seems like that doesnt really help like I would expect.

I've read some gel batteries are coming out and a few other new things, anyone have any recommendations?
I have nt had my bike on a charger for 6 months and it fires up everytime.I dont ride everyday and it sits for a week sometimes. I foget what battery I have but its from O-reillys and has been good so far.I would go with a gel battery as acid batteries tend to wera down but it also depends on maintenance and a good charging system.
I found the bike master gel battery, anyone used them? Any sponsors running any deals?
I just bought a new Shorai for mine. However with my upped compression, my requirements were a bit different than most.
The new super light weight Lithium Batteries are the way to go and the prices have come down alot. Check with some of our Vendors...

Shorai - Lithium Ion Powersports battery

Part Number 4897034420
Shorai is da bomb, man. Weight a third of the old batteries and about 30 percent smaller. Don't have to put them on a tender for almost a year...that is correct...can sit there for almost a year...they still aren't cheap but they are incredible..
What ever battery you get keep it maintained and it will last a long long time. The stock battery in my 03 is as strong as ever, thanks to being on a good battery tender from new whenever its parked at home :thumbsup:
I have a motobatt in my 06...but will be getting one of the light weight ones for my 05 in the next few months.

I keep my 06 on a tender due to alarm, GiPro, and other goodies or it will run the battery dead in 2 weeks.
Gel cells IMO are used a lot in race applications due to there Size and how they are used,
mostly no stator or alternator and they hold a charge well.
For street bikes Ive always used Yuasa's with a 1amp float trickle charger and my
avg battery life is 4 years. I only ride 6-8 months out of the year.
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I just checked the site and the Shorai is $153.95 for a Gen1.
The model number is LFX14A1-BS12

There's also the LFX18A1-BS12 for $186.95

yeah so that was more than a normal one :laugh:

Guess I'll give Tim a shout and see what he can do for me, I dont see batteries listed on his site's page so hopefully he still sells them