Removing fairings

Well everybody, this is my first post and I wish it could be a positive one. Sadly I lowsided my 'Busa today and need to tear off the fairing on the left side to replace the cracked engine cover. I can get the whole fairing off except the little black tabs that hold it onto the front fairing. How do those little buggers come off? Aside from scuffing up the fairing and cracking the cover the bike is pretty much alright. My arm is a little different, but that's the least of my worries. Thanks for any help you can give.
By the way, does anyone know the specific name for that part? It's the black cover on the left hand side of the engine that is exposed through the fairing. On it's listed as the crankcase cover, and that looks about right to me, but the site lists two different ones and the second is about $150 or so and the other one is $75 or so. The bike is a '01. THanks again.
tabs - aka "Jesus Clips" - reach down thru the bike where your front forks go down from the handlebars, push the center piece of the clip out, the rest will fall out easily.

cover - term for the cover you broke is Stator Cover.

Hope this helps!
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Cache covered your questions well.
Well, the problem is that the only place that I know to order the part is from And I can't even find a "stator cover." It seems to list that part as a "crankcase cover." But there is two different versions. Am I looking at the same part with a different name, or a different part entirely? Thanks for all the help.
Those black clips can be removed by pushing the center pin in too. Just push them in about an 1/8th inch only and lift the clip out by finger nailing the flange on the bigger part. This will help in the locations where you can't get to the back side. Once out, you reposition the center pin to be 1/8th inch out before inserting the whole clip through the fairing. then push them flush with a finger tip.

Careful, they cost $2.50 a pin if you break the center pin. I've done it 3 times being in a hurry. Also be careful not to push the pins in more than 1/8th inch. I have lost the pins in the fairing when the push in too far.
If were talking the left side of the bike I believe your looking for part # 11351-24f00 magneto cover (aka crankcase cover).
One big difference between years is the size of the bolts holding this thing on, everything else should be the same...............
yup they got it right. push in on the middle, it will pop in then you can lift the whole peice out. to reinsert reverse the above procedure, but push on the middle from the back until a little button sticks up out of the top about 1/4 inch. reinsert into the hole and push the middle down flush. you should feel it snap into place. sorry about the lowside. hope yer arm get better quick. how did ya lowside?? cold tires, track day
also post some pics if ya could
Um..those clips run for like $.56 each at my local bike shop. As far as parts go...theck out , they have fiche for the busa nd you can SEE what part youa re talking about. They also seel the clips at a few cents each.
Thanks for the link. I am so tired of paying that much for a little piece of plastic.

The way I go thru them, better buy a dozen............