Removal of stock rear?


Sounds like a dumb question. How do you remove the stock undertail? I seem to have scrubbed o hole in my trunk. Too low I guess. It only scrubs when you're in it. Therefore a problem. Trying to tubb it out. It would be alot easier to do if I could take the rear off instead of working through the hump opening. I'm stuck with the little bungie cord bobbins. How do you remove them? Or do you have too? Thanks. 1313R
Um, there are a stack of plastic pop rivets, hex bolts and a few regular bolts.  Do a search for undertail mods and check in the modifications section.  There is a pretty good walkthrough out there somewhere.  I wouldn't recommend running without something under there but I bet you could get a piece of 20 Guage aluminum and some tin snips and work out something pretty simple and cool.

Here's a start, Not a total solution but might get you on your way.  otherwise, really sounds like it is time for a Service manual. Keep an eye on E-bay.

Like I said not a complete solution for you but should get you started... Just remember that the rear holds a lot of your electronics, storage, tail lights, etc...

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