Remote start on 05 busa

i wondering if there anyone here that can help me with a alarm problem with install tips for remote start and how i can bypass the clutch to make it start


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ya, its those 2 wires right behind the clutch lever(switch) , look back there on the handle bar.. you cant miss'em...if you jump the 2 , the bike will start without pullin the clutch in...
remember to always leave it in N tho..


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okay thank you alot so i guess you hook up the start wire off the alarm haneress to one or both of those wires :beerchug:

no use a relay to send 12v upon Crank with remote start to the wire that gets hot as if the switch was being closed by pulling the clutch. altho i dot reccomend a remote start in a bike if left in gear could lead to some damage. I did this on my old mustang cobra bypassed the clutch with a relay sending 12v to it.

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but why? I can understand a remote start on a car when it is -10 outside and the heat would be nice but a bike?
If you must...

Tap the wires that go to the clutch switch. Take both of those tapped leads and connect them to the switched side of a relay, so that the wires are shorted together when the relay has power. Take the starter output from the alarm and hook it to the + side of the relay trigger, and ground the other side of the trigger. If you are using the alarm output to run the starter relay it will close the clutch switch when the starter cranks.

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