Recall on camchain?


I am thinking about selling
my 2001 'Busa as I have lost my job and with it my company vehicle. I mentioned this on the SHO site and got a phone call from a nice fella named Chet who asked me if the camchain recall had been done. I had not heard of this and find nothing solid about it here. Anybody know about this? thanks, -Dave
2001 and beyond have the latest and greatest hydraulic cam tensioner. 1999 and 2000 had to get them replaced because they weren't up to the task.

So your all gravy
Also...I'm VERY sorry to hear the news about you losing the job and MIGHT have to sell busa. Lets pray you find something else very soon so you don't have to sell busa!!
sorry about the bad news, but if you can keep her. i say this because every time i get rid of something that i think i have to i always buy it back later and lose money doing it

Thanks for the support guys! I'm sure I will find a better situation. Now go check out my listing in classified. -Dave:)