Rear Sprocket Questions

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I am thinking about going up to a 43 or 44 teeth aluminum rear sprocket by Sprocket Specialties. Is anyone currently running and,or has tried this setup could answer these following questions.
1. Does it make a big differance in performance in lows and mids and is it a dramatic differance on speed? I am not always running at 180+ if you know what I mean. I would like to power wheelie a little bit easier.
2. What would be your choice on teeth 43,44 or something else?
3. What is a good sprocket company and price range?
4. Aluminum or Steel sprocket?
5. Will the change in gearing drastically affect my gas mileage compared to stock.
Any help would sure be apreciated
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I have a 42 vortex aluminum sprocket. It makes the busa wheelie in first and second gear when I launch. I`m set up fairly stiff for high speed handling so I changed back to the stock 40 tooth sprocket. I liked the closer gear ratio the 42 gave when in high speed corners, but at about 8500 rpms the front tire starts to float.The bike pulls really nice in 3,4,5,and6 with this 42. Vortex`s number is 800-440-3559. BTW,I rode appox. 1000 miles on the 42 sprocket. JackW
I have a 44T alum. from SS on my bike and I like it lot for street work, power wheelies a lot easier and is just plain more fun! Also at a track school last month that same sprocket enabled me to keep the wheelbase at its shortest which helps in the handling department. I have not dragraced with it and I will take it off next week when I go on a short 3 day sport tour in Arkansas. I like the stock sprocket for touring. I had a 42T on the bike for about 3000 miles and enjoyed that, the bike could power wheelie in second if you throttled off, compressed the suspension, then snapped the throttle back open between 6 and 7K rpm. I recommend that each time you change rear tires change the rear sprocket till you find what suits your particular riding style. I power wheelie quite a bit for the fun of it and after the touring duty next week I will bolt the 44T back on. I tried to order a steel 44T from SS months ago and they did not have them so thats why they sent the aluminum, I really dont think it will last very long, but who knows, I have put a 1000 miles on it and everything is fine and the bike still has more top end than anything else out there.
Of course the speedo will be way optimistic, and as Johnny said, you will be putting a lot more miles in the speedo than you are acutally riding, which is not good for resale or service. The pick-up point is the front sprocket, but when you alter your final drive ratio thru either sprocket, the speedometer/odometer change as well.
I only went up one tooth in the rear,,and even that the engine sounds busy. I still like to take it easy as I cruise to my Shore home down the Garden state Pkwy.
Still wheelies in 1st & even 2nd are no problem. I also notice more of a tingle/vibration in the sweet zones of the tach,,putting my hand to sleep,so you may want to consider the extra Vibes)) as you RPM go up.

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Yes you gas milage goes down and your speedo is really will need to get a recalibrator if you are going to keep it it will rack up miles.
Motor, Doesn't the speedo run off the front sprocket? In which case adding teeth to the rear (which means more revolutions of the front sprocket for the same speed/distance) will make you clock up more miles and read over on the speedo!

I could be wrong of course - usually am! :)
i want to go down 40 to a 36 so i can launch it harder!!!the smallest i've found is a 38 2 teeth that much?and would it make me get more miles riden and less on odometer?:laugh:
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