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The basis of what I attached to the busa is the spring loaded lid set-up that BMW produces for all of their plug ins. Wired it through the battery and i just plug the detector into the spring-top. Nice for a heated vest as well. I don't have a jack to plug an ear piece in and I have trouble hearing the warning signal at speed. What kind of stealthy applications have we come up with? :usa: :usa: :usa: Todd.


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What brand detector do you use? And can you post a pic? I recently got the Beltronics Express 946i its battery operated, has an ear peice and it says you can put it in your pocket, but I wouldnt trust that. As with other detectors I have had it gets false or mixed signals, it sometimes beeps after I have seen the cop or goes crazy and I see none.
Anyway I mounted mine with velcro right in the nose of the wind screen, fits nice. I cant see the lights too good but with the ear phone I can hear it up to about 120 mph after that it I cant hear it either.

I'm considering a jammer too. I have read several bad reviews about the units that have both detector & jammer like rocky mountain.



I have a Escort Passport 8500. I ride with my ear plugs in and a set of Sony MDR-G52 headphones. They are the ones that go around the back of your head. ($20. Wal-Mart specials) They fit in the crease in the back of the helmet liner, and fit in the ear pockets of my HJC AC-10. I only get sound from the left side but the ear plugs transfer it directly into my ear. I have heard it at 155 (170 registered) on the FZ1, false alarm. I think when it gets to hot it gives a false laser alert. It was 100 degrees last time. I haven't mounted it yet on the Busa.



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