Rad Greaves Website


Hi all,
Not sure if the newbies know who Rad Greaves is, but those that follow AMA Formula Extreme have seen his Suzuki Hayabusa competing there. What he's done with that bike is simply AWESOME. I checked out his website,

and you can see video of the bike, the modifications he has made to it, as well as check out the merchandise he has. I contacted Rad and the merchandise will be available soon for online purchase. Some pretty cool stuff there and a way to help support a guy that is dedicated to furthering the advancement of the Busa in racing.


Very cool bike, too bad there is no longer going to be an unlimited class since they are changing Formula Extreme to 750's or something like that, not so extreme anymore. Would be cool to get some of the parts he has on his bike.
Yeah man.....I e mailed him about how to get a carbon fiber front fender like the one on the Busa's he sells.
Man that thing is cool! I saw her up close at Nicholsons in Ann Arbor, Mi. Didnt get to talk to Rad though:( Maybe next time he's in town. Has he hit 200mph in competition yet?
in the website, it says they were at Laguna Seca... did anyone see them there? I sure didn't :mad:
I've seen pictures of that thing a few times b4, but never in competition.
Gotta catch it sometime......must be very impressive!!! :beerchug:
Unfortunately the demise of Formula Extreme leaves Rad wondering where to race. The bike uses a drag race-type engine so that is an option. But it sure would be neat to see the Busa beat some roundy-round track bikes.