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Anyone got any good stories about the fool that dared challenge the Busa, and you had to teach him a lesson.
Tell us about it, or tell us if you've ever went down in a blaze of glory too.
Just thought this kinda thread would be entertaining.


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This is actually kinda funny.
The day I bought my Busa, I was out riding with a few guys, one of them on a zx-9, He kept egging me on to race, but I thought, "what a waste of time, I'll eat him".
Finally after a couple hours of bugging me we went for it.
We were going about 60mph and he layed on the throttle, and I immediatly followed suit.
I was in 6th gear and kicked it down to 4th, and just could not pull on him.
I now realize that I should of kicked it down to 2nd or been in
a lower gear to begin with as fourth was just not enough rpm, to pull it forward fast enough to beat him.
Since then, I've learned then bike quite a bit and he has never come close again, but he will NEVER let me live that down, gauranteed!!!


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I emabarrassed the typical fourty something guy with his trophy wife in a Porsche Carrerra 4.  He pulled around and went by at about 80mph, I followed for a little while, pulled up to the passanger side door (it was a three lane road, he was in far left)  Waved good bye, he stomped on it...mind you I was allready in 3rd at about 90mph, so he stomped I twisted it and you would swear he hit the brakes...made him look like he wasn't moving.

Next light, he wouldn't look at me...his 20 something little hottie of a wife smiled at me great big!  He was a little torqued, but, some folks in cars still do not get it...
I'm always embarrasing cars "that don't get it."

But, my favorite stories is about one of my buddies. He has an F4i and he used to always burn my ass on my old Kawa Concours. So, I got the bus and broke 'er in nice like... Then, I called and asked if he wanted to go riding. He said sure (I'm sure with a smirk on his face).

You should have seen his jaw drop when I pulled into his driveway on the 'busa! While we were out, I waited for him to try me... He finally did and I twisted it. The frontend pulled about 2-3 inches off and I shot past him like he was pedalling!

Anyway, I went out with him last weekend and he had added Yoshi pipes, and some fuel injection adjuster thingy... Whatever... I smoked him again... Harder this time, since I downshifted. He was livid!


I love my zuki!

Big O

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Ok, here's my "Benz" story...I'm zipping home from work at 3am and 80 mph, and I come up on a car "waiting" for me in the fast lane.  The girl in the passenger seat is looking for me to come up, and all I see is that it's a Mercedes.  He romps it and I look at him, downshift from 6th to 4th thinking I'll just twist it a little and smoke him, then get off at my offramp 2 miles up.  I jump, he jumps and I see in my mirror, he's Catching Me!  I tuck (backpack is whippin' around) shift to 5th and get on it, 6th and get on it and we're coming up on a slower car in the #2 lane. He (slower car) may change lanes either way, I've seen it before so I get off the gas and look down, we're doing 140 and the Benz flies past me!  Two offramps past mine we get off and in the light I can see he's got an AMG V8 Kompressor, which I later found out has about 463 horsies.  If I'd only known.  I'm still looking for this guy...and if his dad knew he was doin' 150 in his new Benz...


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Now the car guys are usually pretty clueless but I had a guy in an old P.O.S. (looking) 69 or 67 Camaro when I was in college absolutely embarrass me on my Katana 750. Before you boo and hiss, the Katana never was a performance leader but in 1993 it was a bit closer to the top than it ever has been since, but it was still an 11.4 quarter mile time kinda ride.

Anyway, the light turned green and what appeared to be an old piece of crap roared to life, picked it's front wheels off the ground about 3-5" and carried them all the way across a four lane intersection...I was pretty much just left to putter along behind, trying to figure out what happened...glad the Visor was tinted to hide my red cheeks.


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Early one morning..i was at my topspeed testing area..goin for broke by myself with the GPS....7:30 am or so..i'm done for now..retrieving by tankbag from the bushes[coudn't tuck].
Just pulling out from a dirt turnout..here comes a guy WFO on a
500-750cc something..downshifts as he saw me...screaming away.....I knew...i let him win........felt kinda cool as we know what the outcome would have been..ah.......good to be king.
unless N.E. Moves west.


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Here's a point for the cars.
Last summer my buddy and I are out cruising in his high 9 sec
pro street mustang, we come up to a light and there's this guy on a nice shiney new R1 next to us.
Well, apparently the guy thought he'd have us cold, cuz he gave us this stupid you're gonna lose look as he revved his engine a few times.
Light goes green and we left him like a bad habit.
Quite something to cruise in a 9 second street car let me tell ya, makes you feel like you own the streets!!!


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YEAH Monster, Lets just say that before I pull up and start something nowadays I look much closer for tubbed rear ends, full Roll cages, and pretty much any car I see without front fender wells is off limits. I mean you can loose to a better rider all day and not feel too bad, but to get your ass handed to you by a freakin car...thats just...wrong!


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Yep I know what ya mean revlis, there's quite a few cars out this way that you must beware of.
7 sec street driven 62 Vette.
2- 7 sec Mustang not really 5.0's anymore.
One of them the guy drives to work daily, (no shi$)
1 67 ChevyII that runs deep in the 7's that is on the street
fairly regularly.
A fair few 8 sec cars and even more 9 and 10 sec cars.
These are street driven guys, but I'm sure you've all seen them especially the guys that street race regularly.
But they don't run that fast on the street. I haven't been beat by a car yet. Have you raced them with the busa on the street? I'd like to know the outcome. Busa king of the street!


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Yep, TJ could not be more correct, they deffinately are not as fast on the street due too incredible traction loss.
But I think a few will still slay a Bus or a stock one at least, probably not TJ's inhaling beast.

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