Quarter Turn (quick turn) Throttle's


This summer I will be tracking my '02 Hayabusa, so I'm in the process of getting to bike track prepped.

There are a few different throttle tubes, throttle cams and kits out there. I'm not "racing" so I don't need a pro setup. I'm looking to spend about $30.

What tubes or cams have worked good for both track and street ?

The following pics are of a product I found "online." I like these because they also come with bar ends.

Suggestion, things to consider and general advise would be greatly appreciated.

Throttle - 2.jpg

Throttle - 1.jpg

Throttle - 3.jpg


I really like my Schnitz throttle , I also love my Hayabusa throttle cable adjustment , which is also quick . The response is what you want from true 1/4 turn throttle , the r6 throttle is said to be even less turn .
Recently I was waiting to slot into passing traffic , and saw a fairly tight gap , and gassed it with some clutch and mate , she just launched and lit the hide with precision control , a beautiful start to my traffic carve up . This and ECU flash and gearing is how to free the Bird !! :rolleyes: :thumbsup: