Project HP gains over winter


The Watcher
Well it is that time for many of us. What do you think you will be posting for HP gains after winter projects or for those who are still in warmth.
If I'm lucky I might get a new corbin saddle and possibly a "TRE".  Other than that, I'm going to have to wait a while before I can afford a new exhaust system.
Neat start anyway. You may find that you don't need or want more in pipes. Start off slow.
Isn't that the way the song goes.
TRE ? what is it? Thinking of a little nitrous ?? Friend has one on his bike 50 horse, bike is faaaaaaast !!! But I don't know seems when you get that greedy something always goes wrong.
I recently Installed a TRE and not to impressed. My bike actually needs to be ridden hard at all times for it to even stay on. Other riders have had good luck with it though. just something to think about. by the way, go with the homemade version its alot better than wasting $70 and not liking it alltogether.
Need to check your mods with the TRE. All the TRE shuld do is allow for the top end. it should change the bottom very slight and aactually make it a little better. It does idle a little on the high side that can be fixed. You may need a better flow air filter.
No power mods for me...Everything will be cosmetic...Custom seat covers and I intend to finish polishing everything that I can...
Adding D&D's and ripping off the pair valve. Already have K&N and TRE. Not been to a dyno ever, so not sure on total gains, but would expect 5hp or so with remap. Still trying to decide on what route for re-map - Yosh, PC, others? Any suggestions? I have heard that many have trouble getting a good midrange map on the PCII or PCIIIr. My bike is not a racer, and will probably never see a drag strip.

Visual treatment is OK, Stock look with BIG HP's is cool too.
Givi Bags, stock paint, 300 hp turbo kit floats my boat..yea!
But how many of us can ride the Mighty Busa to it's limit ...
100 percent stock?....I can't..but do try...
So far..184 mph i think... One first gear wheelie..way up till
9000 rpm..scrubbed up sidewalls..[nuthin like BiggerDanno's]
though.....Awsome scoot even stock....Thanx Captain.