Pro Gip shield insert


The Watcher
Well I can not ride with it until end of Fem. I just put the Photogrey insert in the helmet. Goes on very nice with sticky all the way around the insert. It changes very fast and gets nice and dark and again back to cklear. They make 6 versions. Mirror red blue clear etc. Only down side that I can see at this point is it can scratch easy, or appears that it can. $19.00 not bad.
For $19.00 I would gladly ditch my dark shield. Makes hell for drivin home at night!
I have the same problem Cache. I love the look of the smoke shield, but it's a b^tch to ride with at night. I tried using the anti-fogging spray and that still doesn't work. I just put the clear back on and leave it on.

that is why I went to this shield insert. I had the same promblem and got tired of changing shields at night or changing helmets. Looks like this could work.
Did you get it from these guys?
Can we see pictures?  How much of the visor do they cover?  Details man Details
Deliveredwhen they said they would etc.

I have a new Nolan and it gets 100% of the viewing area and about 90% of the whole visor.Visor
I get an error trying to enter
So do I.  I've tried just about everyway to get there but I can't.  I know the link was good at one point but not anymore.  
Go figure they work on most helmets except Arai That's I have
Hey gang that is why I posted Visor on the thread. Go to page and scroll down 3 or 4 images.
I heard that fog city has one that does the same and it fits arai.FYI since I did my hump mod I've been able to fit my spare visor in the hump.I protect it with a neoprene sheath .But I do want to try the film.