Powergaurd International

I got the powergaurd today for the busa, sweet deal, if anyone wants info on it heres the # 1-800-479-7702 it covers up to $5000.00 if your bike is stolen, completely seperate from your insurance. what they do is give you a credit with a dealer up to 5k, if NADA blue book retail is $4,950 on your stolen bike, and your bike is not recovered in 30 days, you will get a credit for 4,950 at a dealership of your choice, the cap is 5k so if your bike books at 8k you will only get 5k, THATS ON TOP OF WHAT YOUR INSURANCE PAYS YOU! dont matter if you own or dont own the bike. pretty good deal considering its only $300.00 for 3 yrs. I will get it for my gixxer too.