PowerCommander with new pipes?


I recently purchased a 2005 GSX1300R.  I have never experienced such acceleration and power (including some airplanes that I have flown).  It is a truly amazing feat of engineering.  I have owned at least 8 other bikes of different makes, but nothing compares to this machine.

I would like to put on some louder pipes, not for performance because I dont need any more performance than is already there, I just want to be heard more easily by all the automobile drivers out there who seem intent on killing me.  I was told that any new pipes that I put on (whether slip-ons or a whole new system) will require that I install a PowerCommander and reprogram the ECU in order to match the air inflow with the air outflow.   What I have read (largely on this forum) about the PowerCommander is that it makes the throttle more responsive.  But my Busa throttle is already so responsive that I have to really focus hard to ride smoothly (thanks, Reg Pridmore).

Just wondered what the consensus was about louder pipes and PowerCommanders.  What kind are most popular for sound?


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I have an 05 with the HMF Dual High mount system and a PCIIIUSB. If you think your bike is quick, fast and has good throttle responce now make the same mods and feel the difference. It's like the difference between chicken salad and chicken sh!t. If you do these mods let me know and I will send you a killer map. It is much better than the maps on the Dyna-Jet site.

Oh yea, Welcome to the board. This is the most informative board you will come across. And by the way. Don't pay any attention to the ZX12 owners here. They are just Busa Groupies.


For the ZX12 guys---

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If you get slip/bolt-ons you don't need a PC, but slip/bolt-ons are for sound and cosmetic looks only.

If you get a full system, then you will need a PC. There are many different full systems and everyone will have their favorite system!
Welcome on board .. Put these on a while back and no regrets..Great sound and looks ..
D&Ds are the loudest pipes I know of . You dont need a PCIII if you have your bike remapped at the shop . A PCIII is just so you can change the bikes mapping to suit your needs at different times . D&D does make slipons also. Welcome to the "modification zone"!
If your looking for just the "sound" then you dont have to invest on a PC3!! I have heard that the D&D's are pretty loud... If you want to have an exhaust that sounds loud, and gives you a couple of ponies too... then I suggest you go in for the Muzzy Full Titanium 4-2-1 exhaust system, along with a PC3
Dont waste your money on the slip ons, you'll only want more power down the road with a full system.Go with a reputable system such as Akrapovic,Muzzy,Hindle or HMF.To extort the full potential of the system, you'll need the pc3, but its generally not required.
Thanks for all your input. Think I'll go with a full system of Akrapovics and PCIII, but it's not cheap. I'll ride it stock for awhile, as was suggested.