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As many of you know, my Father passed this July 4th, from ALS, aka Lou Gherigs disease.

My father was hospitalized across the street, from the Hospital that has just announced the possible cure for ALS, Sisticphibrosis-(sp?), Alzheimers, Multiple Sklerosis-(sp?), and a few others.

My Dad is gone, but there is New Hope and Light for others suffering with these Diseases.

The commonality of these diseases is the "Mutated Protein" not "GENE" nicknamed "S0D1".
The bodies major organs are uneffected by this Mutated PROTEIN, but the Nervious System-(spine) is what is effected by the MP.
How it relates to Alzheimerz, I don't know they did not go into depth, other then the "MP" is present in all those diseases listed plus a few others.
They have found a chemical that eliminates the "MP!" and that the nervious system can AND DOES!!! REPAIR ITSELF< reversing DAMAGE to the Mice they have tested.
Human tesing within the next 1-2 yrs, or sooner!

The 4 Noble Prize winners of the UT Southwestern Hospital of Dallas, announced it is within 2yrs of a cure for these diseases.

GREAT NEWS for those unfortunate, wished My Father could have been here to see it, but it wasn't God's will.

I broke into tears when I saw  the story on the Evening News, but know it's ok. My dad is home.

Watching my GrandFather die from AZH & now my Aunt dying from AZH, my Grandmother Died from ALS in 80, and my Father from ALS this yr, I can only tell you these diseases are horrible to say the least, watching them and being totally helpless, but to try and make their time left barable any way you can..I wish it on NO ONE, even my worst enemies.

I have a 50/50 chance of either or both diseases, so does my Son, I hope and pray this is the means to an end of these many terrible afflictions.

Sorry for ranting, just cannot sleep after watching the news, and thinking of my recently lost Father.
I figured some of you would want to know, and might be able to pas this info along to possible friends/family members afflicted by these diseases.

Some of this information might be a lil misspelled, but dangit I am both happy and sad, my emotions are going several directions, I hope I can sleep tonight..

This is great news, Ron. There is hope. :)

It is amazing how technology is advancing.

We can only hope that when we need the advanced technology, it is in tact and has been perfected for us.

,,,for we are only human.
I truly hope this technology advances quickly Ron...I'm so sorry for your loss, and to see so many affected in your immediate family circle must be incredibly difficult.

I'm sure this news is both exciting and bittersweet for you tonight...let's hope for the very best...
Take care...
I wish they could have done it sooner.

fyi: Cystic Fibrosis
Ron, sorry for your loss... like you said it was God's will and your Dad is now home. Thanks for sharing this information with us. My mom has Alzheimers, and I'm sure you know it's a very difficult disease to deal with for the family. Let's pray this drug proves to be a positive cure for the future.......

Peace & blessings...

Ok, found the Story on the local News' Site:

It is a Mutated Protein, not a gene, and it's called "S0D1"


The Video of the story is on the left side, under the heading "Feedroom Video"
under the Title : "Breakthrough In Gehrig's Disease"

and thanks for the replies, and help in spelling I was tired lastnight.

Lost the greatest grandpa in the world (Ok, my opinion ;) ) to AZH. Such a horrible way to go, not even knowing your family anymore. Sorry for your loss, Ron. We feel your pain. I sincerely hope that this cure is real. Won't bring Papa back but it could help someone else hold onto their "papa" for a while longer.

I understand your mixed emotions, too. You find yourself asking why it couldn't have been discovered in time to save your family member. That makes you kinda mad. Then you realize that it could save someone else from losing a loved one to the same thing. Then you feel happy that someone else can be saved from the experience you went through with your loss.

Thanks for sharing the info...