PMRA pictures


I am looking for the pmra pictures from a couple of years ago when the guy backflipped the outlaw. Awesome sequece
However you want to. I don't remember if I posted or not but I usually don't come around here because i have never pulled the trigger and bought a busa. I have almost several times just haven't
thanks. I was looking for those.
Here is the video of same bike different rider a couple of years later
- Super Dave Drag Bike Flip Thunder Valley[/url]
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I believe it is a 2 valve Gixxer based on old 1150 stuff. Has a ton of n2o going through it. Those progressive controllers can be a bit touchy to tune.
What makes me nerveous is that I fear doing that...I have broke the tire loose at the track and it just as easily could have pulled up the front end. I'd say instinct is to back off the gas or pull in the clutch. It seems like it would be over before you know it or your weight shifts back and you grab more throttle.