Please read petition and sign!!!

Last year a friend of mine was killed on his bike. He was horsing around going down this HUGE (3 lane) 1 way road. Well there was a guy, driving the wrong way down this road, he was 3X over the DWI limit and driving without his lights on at 2-3:00a.m, needless to say my friend hit head doing so his bike literally exploded into pieces, according to
police reports these pieces hit another motorcyclist and thew him off the bike to his death also. So this guy killed 2 people in 1 wreck and the trial is coming up and he's asking for probation. We have started a petition to give to the judge, if you wouldn't mind signing it.


If you'd like to forward this please do.
#1078, I agree with NE, i dont think the just will give it any look. But, I also dont think this guy will get probation. Wish the best of luck to ya.
I am sorry to hear about your friends death. The best thing you can do is talk to the DA and tell him you would like to be heard for sentencing. Bring alot of friends and make a statement. If you can not be heard is the boys family asking to be heard. Believe it or not I lost a friend almost the exact same way the guy pulled out of his driveway into the wrong lane my buddy couldnt go around he ran right onto him stopped the car and got out obviously drunk. The sad part is most judges are older cage drivers that see all motorcycles in a bad light meaning somehow they caused this. Good luck with your cause.

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