PC3R or Exhaust


I know I want to get some new bolt-ons and I know I want a PC3R but I'm not sure which I should get first. Any recommendations?
i beleive these go hand in hand. when you place new pipes on the bike you will need to remap the fuel to get the most out of the exhaust.

Big E is sort of on the money (sorry E)......... however, running an exhaust system (complete) would be my first choice. It could be installed without the addition of a powercommander or yosh box! But, (E's on the money here) the biggest performance gains will be noticed with the pairing of an exhaust system/ pc,yosh! You Won't be in danger of harming the bikes motor without installing the whole shebang! So, in a nut shell buy a pipe and wait on the pc/yosh! You won't regret it................
I will have to agree with Big E and KS you need both.
The only question you have to ask yourself (which one can I afford first?)
My understanding is that it isn't critical which of those you get first. But if you do start with the full system exhaust, be certain to remove the pair valve.

The PC or Yosh box will be needed to get the most out of the full system, in terms of performance. You will still get great sound without the PC.
the pair isn't necessary but may cause backfiring which will inturn make you want to remove it.....I would still stick with the recommendation of removing it when installing a new exhaust system.
I would like to know if you notice the bike coming up more since anyone has taking the pair valve and housing out.
the pair removal shouldn't "affect" how much more power it has......but then again I haven't removed mine yet cuz I haven't gotten my gen3 exhaust yet!!:mad:
Removing the pair will definitely give you more horsepower, when you take it off make sure you have the block-off plates from Brock Davidson. I did all mine at once. I gained 18 HP!!
18hp from removing the pair?? or exhaust and pair together?