will I need to reset the fuel map to stock in the stock ecm or ecu , we call them ecm's in trucks.
before installing and programing the pc2 box with the program for rs3 race exhaust and air filter/ mod air box. ??
you dont have to but its a good bet that it would run better.

did you reprogram it with a yoshi box or something??

if you havent messed with it yet, just plug in the PC and away you go. load it with the right map and your up and runnin in like 20 min.
Yes, you will need to set back the ECU to stock or 0+0+0 settings BEFORE putting in the PC2............been there, done that.............
OUCH! VegasDude, as you may know, Vinny had tweaked the stock ECU in my Busa. I added the PCII, but never did anything with the stock ECU. From the wiring, it looked like the PCII bypassed the stock ECU. I guess not....?