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Frank Adams

Wow!.....I <span style='color:blue'>Finally</span> made to this site!

Thought I'd drop in and say <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>HELLO</span> to everyone.

It has been a real long time since I've talked on this url!

Btw, nice job on the site. The ikonboard kicksass.


Dis in my way!
Staff member
Hey Frank I was at your site last night too, I like the layout.. And you are right Ikonboard does rock, I have used several and this one was by far the best.. Glad to see ya come over.. Also I now have the upload center working, feel free to let youe regulars use it when they need it..



Frank Adams

Never mind I figured it out.

Your upload center is pretty much just like My Gallery. All members can upload pics there in the Members Submissions album. It's also setup so that someone could have their own album, but they have get premission before hand.


Dis in my way!
Staff member
Does your gallery resideon your server on somewhere else? Just curious on the functionality.
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