Paint Jobs


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I read the post on paint jobs. Kinda outta my league to do that. I'm looking for a place in the LA / OC area that can paint my bike with a mural on each side. I see lots of sweet paint jobs at bike shows, but was hoping someone here had a great experince with a paint shop they would definately recommend.
a sample... or two...

take a number man!!! me first Dave! me first!

j/k-I should be gettn my last panel next week, then I gotta get the pics back from the photographer to send ya starting to get excited now!! almost ready to go!!!
watch out people kok-lol has somethin brewin'. serious ab work goin' on that bike!
S_G ... that's some really great looking stuff on your website! I like the bling, but, man, that old school pin striping on "Mike's Bike" really caught my eye.