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So I repainted my rear cowl and right side fairing over a year ago due to the bike being laid down by a previous owner. Since then I have had to get the rear cowl painted twice and now it is currently in paint for the third time due to blistering. The right side cowl is now starting to blister!! :banghead: The guy who is painting it says its from a wax that was used on the bike and the paint is not holding causing it to blister. To me it sounds like its not being prepped good before paint. I paid about $600 to get these 2 pieces painted to factory paint. The right side fairing is also a little off color due to the reds not matching. Its not noticeable unless you stare at it for awhile. I want to get the fairing repainted but the guy said i need to buy a new faring before repainting. His paint is supposed to be guaranteed. What would cause this blistering? Can wax really cause this? Would you lay your foot down and make him repaint it or take it somewhere else and just spend the extra money?
They clam that only certain kind of wax gets down into the plastic? I've never heard of this but it's very irritating after paying all this money and its not right!
you said it was put down, they claim if tere is some oils like brakefluid spilled on to it it will keep on popping up. and a paint must dry out propperly after spray for about 2 to 3 weeks before waxing may be put on to it( just in a case where it was not bake dry by panelbeater{spraypainter})
He has replaced the old rear cowl with a different one and I should get it back this week or next. So if that starts to blister ill know its most likely the prep job. I still feel like regardless of what's been put on the bike it should being taking care of with prepping. When I have been getting my stuff back from pain I usually wait 2 months before putting in kind of wax on it. The paint had blistered in the same spot every time.


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if the surface is cleaned with wax / grease remover...wiped down with prepsol / solvent / laquer thinner....then sanded for adhesion the primer / sealer would not lift / bubble. What you are seeing is the result of poor prep or a guy trying to cut corners to get the job done as fast as possible. Most shops would correct the problem for free but then you bike is out of service for more time...
That's what I'm thinking. They are fixing the rear cowl for free but they want me to get a new fairing for the right side before reprinting it and I don't feel that's necessary.


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Any silicone based wax / tire spray will cause a painter major issues...the time to clean it before scuffing it up is necessary...even fresh / new plastic had mold release on it that requires a proper cleaning
Sounds like your painters are lacking in their prep work. $600 to paint two pieces is too much money unless they are the ones removing and replacing the plastics. I paid $800 to paint my entire bike (all one color).
Sounds like the guy does not know wha thte real issue is, and he is feeding you a line of bull........

A good painter will wash the parts, and use a wax and grease remover. THis will stop the paint from fish eyeing. There must either be a surface contaminant or a heat issue


i'm a painter. been painting for 25 years. painted more bikes then I can remember and never had a problem like that. I would have to see it to tell what the problem is, but something doesn't sound right
Talked to them today and they still want repaint my fairing without buying a new one. They said the rear cowl was repaired with fiberglass on the inside and that's possibly what was causing the rear cowl to blister? I said maybe its not being prepped good and he said his painter is one of the best and he trusts him to do his $3000 paint jobs. I guess I gotta buy a new fairing or take it somewhere else. But it's more money down the toilet!
They should have put sealer down or at least I would hope. The more I thought about it I wondered if it was a heat issue. The paint on the rear cowl blistered right above the muffler and the pair on the fairing is blistering where the air vents are. I suggested that and and they still claimed its from the fiber glass repair. The fairing has no fiberglass repair that I know of.

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