New Paint


I need some assistance with my new paint job.. has anyone had their busa custom painted and had problems such as the paint blistering(bubbling) at the left and right side fairings. I don't know if its from the exhaust heat or not. If so then is there something i could use to I guess deflect the heat away?


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Well Welcome to the board first of all. It sounds like a fish eye to me , that happens when the plastic was not prepared right before the color was sprayed. Or if the primer was not fully dry, or if there was air trapped in the puddy they used. any of these could cause that it is hard to tell without seeing it. Your exhaust will not put off that much heat.
Welcome to the board. There are a number of members here with custom paint so you should get some feed back soon.
sounds to me like it wasn't prepped correctly, what kind of paint was used ? I used dupont chromapriemer and its holding on great.
The prep is one of the most important segments of any paint job. The heat off your exhaust is not doing anything to your paint. (at least you better hope not)