Packed for 2 weeks, what it looks like!


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Wednesday at noon I leave Reno, up into the Sierras, across Cali and down the coast, Hwy 1, for an adventure I've been really looking forward to!
Of course, one of the highlights is "The Scar Dinner" Friday night in San Diego, then a "sport tour" ride Saturday with Scar and friends.
As the pics indicate, I will be traveling in comfort, if I thought I might need something, I brought it. (places where I'll return to are where I'll stow all the traveling gear, friends and relatives along the route).
Some old buds that saved my life way back when, old innercity police station I gave 10 years of my life to in LA, buddy is going to let me race his 450 hp Subaru Sti at Cal Speedway, visit my gramma's grave, houses I grew up in....kind of a "nostalgia tour".
Anyways, me and the SoCal boys should be posting some pretty cool pics soon. Doyle





What an adventure. Don't forget to hit up the Angeles Crest Highway. Be safe.
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You should throw a set of saddle bags on there to complete the pic. :laugh:

Have a blast and stay alert on you trip. :beerchug:
Holy CARGO Batman!! That thing will wheelie all the down the road.

Just kidding, have a fun trip!


wow Doyle looks like your loaded for bear:thumbsup:..have a safe trip and tell everyone hello from up here and please please try to keep it under 180 or so:laugh: like your tankbag to :thumbsup:
Hey, I hope this post lives awhile, I'm only 5 posts away from 2000!
I look forward to the pictures upon a safe return home :thumbsup:. Nice packing btw your bike still looks awesome!
have a good's surprising how much stuff you can fit in the Ventura bags! is the Under Armour bag waterproof?
Hey ! .... nice baggage ! ..your gonna have a great time down South , fun in the sun or welcome the Sd !
have a good's surprising how much stuff you can fit in the Ventura bags! is the Under Armour bag waterproof?

I was going to buy the duplicate Ventura piece that, as you know, fits back to back with its twin BUT it was $160 bucks! The UnderArmour bag is incredible, as thick as my textile riding suit, pockets everywhere, water proof AND $50 bucks! I even put the Busa hump in there (for the sporty parts of the tour so I look the part). Doyle
Have a good trip Brother, we'll see you in July but dump the extra bag for a pair of saddles.....looks to me like there's a lot of stress on that material in back....... :oldcool: Sagging, and bouncing it's gonna get loose on you......NO BUENO.....