What it is like to ride the 'Bus 2400 miles....


A while back I told everyone I was planning on riding the 'Busa from Kansas City to Phoenix, AZ. We'll I did it and now I feel that I can give out credible advice from someone who has truly toured cross country on one of these bikes. Here is my advice:

1. Nelson Riggs magnetic tank bag and saddle bags worked great. The saddle bags I have expand and hold a lot of stuff. Tank bag is very handy for cell phone, maps, mp3 player, extra gloves etc. I found that I did not quite have enough wind protection to keep the map pocket on the tank bag. Had to stuff it into the tank bag to keep it from blowing away.

2. Buy a NOJ Quiet Rider for your helmet. It cuts the wind noise dramatically. I also used a helmet liner hood over my head. I would put my ear phones from the mp3 player into my ears, put the hood over my head and then the helmet over that. Sounded like I was in a Lexus with the windows up listening to a Bose stereo!

3. Get a cruise control! Mine didn't come in on time. Going out I road 450 miles, 575 miles and 325 miles respectively. Coming back I road 725 miles and 625 respectively. I got back last Tuesday and my hands are still very sore. It was really windy so I was gripping pretty hard.

4. Take some clear scotch tape and cover any potential rub spots. My rub points were from the straps coming off the saddle bags that left little scratch's and believe it or not the knee pads of my Joe Rocket pants scraped up the gas tank a bit. Clear tape would have solved this. Polish fixed the scrapes. (THANK GOD!)

5. I averaged 87.5 mph the whole way going out and 92 coming back. Bike purred like a kitten. Not a hiccup! It is a 2002 with 5,000 miles on it today.

6. For those of you considering a new 'Busa as a touring bike.......be prepared to get off every 75 to 100 miles for 5 minutes or so. I am 6', 200 pounds and I found my pain to be in my knees. A few jumping jacks, and a walk around the bike made me good for another 100 miles. Although there are other touring bikes on the market that are more comfortable, the cool factor is still with the Haybus! EVERYONE I encountered on the way out from Harley Riders to Gold Wing Grandpa's thought it was cool as hell that I hit the open road with the 'Busa. I would take off and do it again in a second!

7. Watch your speed! Although I fractured every speed law between here and there, the temptation to go faster was constant! I could have cruised at 120 mph comfortably all day but held back as best I could.

8. Oh yeah......bought the Zero Gravity Sport Touring Wind Screen. Does a great job protecting you from the wind. I have the stock one back on now for normal running around KC.

9. Guess what.......a Hayabusa fits nicely between the bed and dresser of most ground floor Red Roof Inn's. Thought you might like to know that. They also don't snore a bit and start right up the next morning!

Hope this was of some interest. I will try to post some of the trip pictures later.
Excellent..mine fit in the room too last year..haha...Fairfield,ca
for the SEARS POINT races..gonna do it this year too..all in one day..leave early see races,home before dark...
I have the Pyramid Busa Over screen...streetfighters.com
and Givi bags..yes it's still a Busa but the bags "cloak" it
Bet it will still do "nines" bags n' all...what a combo..
Thanks for your story...The Busa truley is a Supersport tourer.
Watch out Beemer Pilot's..we "rock"..
Good Story, I liked the part about the Red Roof Inn. We put two in the room last summer but we had to walk on the beds to get around.
I just finished a 2100 mile trip from Georgia to Mena, Arkansas and back. I put a Zero Gravity sport-touring screen and TL1000R footpegs on. I did 700 miles in 13 hours on Thursday and 700 in 12 hours coming back on Sunday. I'll admit I had a sore-butt with the stock seat, but overall it was still reasonably comfortable. I was able to stay on the bike from fill-up to fill-up, usually about 168 to 178 miles. I even averaged about 43 mpg at about 85 mph. The Hayabusa makes a pretty good touring bike, but I would like to get the Suzuki gel-seat or a corbin to help with the longer distances.
Man what a great story! I'm headed out this summer. I was originally planning to head out in July, but with a change in contracts, I'm going to be headed out in June... I did a 1300 three day trip last year but Iplanning on going coast to coast this year. I figure 2-3 weeks on the road just sight seeing and hanging. Sport touring windscreen, corbin seat, heli-bars, radar detector, cigarette lighter to keep the phone charged are all done, i just need to get the TLR foot pegs. Oh and a Camelback hydration system to keep me watered down.

Great Story!