Ostrich, Vision, or Carbon Fiber New Image Seat


Getting ready to send my seat off to Lee @ New Image, but still haven't made up my final decision.

What's Your Opinion: Black Ostrich, Black Vision, or Carbon Fiber with Chrome Embroidering?

With or w/ out the word "Hayabusa"?

Black Ostrich.jpg

Black Vision.jpg

Carbon Fiber.jpg



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If that's your bike, how about the "Black Vision" w no embroidery? Keeping with the sleek/smooth look. I personally like the ostrich cover too. Oh, and the swingarm looks awesome!!


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I have for sale black vision f& r in stock with black kanji and rear has black kanji in center


I have the ostrich. It's grippy. So if you like sliding around on your seat then don't get it. Other then that its great!


looks tough man. that roaring toyz single arm sets it off. wish i could get one. totally jelly and cant look at your bike too long or im gonna have a 9k charge on my ccard.
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