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As many of you know about my back I was wondering if anyone has ever tried this for pain relief. Advanced Back Pain and Spinal Rehabilitation Center in Virginia
I was in rehab for 3 weeks and they finely agreed they could do nothing for me. The suggested I try this. So far I have not found anyone that does this that accepts my Ins and its pretty exp. If anyone has tried it what are your thoughts. Thanks in advance
Hey Doug, I've had back pains in the past which lasted for days, and know firsthand how this impacts a person - can't walk, sit, or even laying down. Never mind working or doing anything productive. In short, can't function normally, can't enjoy life. I also have chronic problem with knees - just something doesn't click right inside.

I am not a big fan of traditional medicine, haven't taken any medication for 20+ years except for some supplements my wife insisted on, and only go to the doctor for a checkup. I am a strong believer in my body's natural ability to heal itself. I don't mean doing nothing and waiting. I mean a very proactive approach.

It's all in the software... Take seeds of different plants for example. They all seem alike, with slightly different shapes, and look nothing more than a spec of dirt. But every spec is a huge flash drive loaded with software and bio-chemical capabilities. Put them in the ground, and the software inside executes a program which controls bio-chemical manipulation, thus producing a piece of grass, a beautiful flower, or a fruit - all of it from the surrounding soil. Human technology is not even close to the level of sophistication observed in primitive plants.

When it comes to animals and especially to humans, such software is even more sophisticated. Not only it follows the program governing our growth, development, and the gazillion of processes in our bodies, but the program itself may change over time as well as under the influence of external factors such as stress, negative emotions, positive emotions, etc. While plants and animals cannot consciously alter such programming, humans can. Obviously, there is no known way to alter the software code directly. However, such reprogramming could be done indirectly - through self hypnosis, self motivation, persistence, and physical actions - all working together.

Think of extreme situations. Consider a situation causing you to spring into action - for example, an intruder in the house, a threat to a family member, a kid in the middle of the road while about to be run over by a truck... Now, capture that moment of raw emotional impulse and direct it against your pain. Keep visualizing it, and accompany it with whatever physical movements seem natural - kicking, moving, stretching, etc. There should be no thoughts in your mind, but almost animalistic focus on just one thing - fighting the pain. Keep doing it as often as you can while maintaining your focus, resolve, stubbornness. Make whatever sounds you want to make - do not hold yourself back. Visualize a Samurai slashing the enemy - that's the kind of emotional state you have to be in.

It works for me. I don't baby my body, I don't baby my back, and don't baby my knees. I load them daily. Our bodies live by simple principles - you don't use it, you lose it. If I were to go easy on my back and on my knees it would get worse. With regular loads, I hardly notice the problems. It was only at those times when I was too much preoccupied with other things while neglecting the aforementioned routing, my back and knee problems re-surfaced.

I learned to combat the slightest discomfort in my back, and to get rid of it in seconds. And when my knees remind me of the problems, I do the same. While there are good days and worse days, the overall level is in very positive territory.

This is my experience, and maybe you'll find it useful and inspiring to try this direction. If you want to talk about it, PM me.

Regardless, wishing you all the best in winning this battle.
Some good things to think about here. I tried the not babying thing and it did not work to well for me. Every time I do something like that I am down for 4 or 5 days and cant hardly move. I finally gave that up because that pain just got to be to much. Believe me after almost 30 years of this I have tried just about everything. My therapist recommended this after she found out she could not help me. She said she had seen the Osteopathic Dr here and it really helped her. I am still researching it just to see what they offer before I just dive into it. Thanks again for all the advice.
I can only imagine how unbearable this has been for you, and for such a long time. Wishing you the best in finding a solution which will work.
so sorry to hear. I know how back pain can consume ones life. it did mine for several years then I started doing squats and my back pain vanished. go figure. I wud have laughed st someone if they told me to do squats. I wish I cud b more helpful cause I personally know how awful back pain can be.
I'm sorry you're dealing with this :down: After over 3 years of undiagnosed pain due to a herniated disc, all I know it's that back pain stops you in your tracks and makes it impossible to enjoy life. I cannot imagine enduring all the years and frustration that you've had, and I wish so badly that there was some relief for you. I hope you find it because you deserve it. :please:

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WOW, thanks so much guys for the kind words. No one can even start to imagine what its like unless they have been through it. When I first bought my busa back in 08 and found this site I felt I found my long lost family. Its always people here willing to listen and help out no matter what the issue is. This thing has beat on me for years and I have gone broke a few times trying to get answers. I have come to realize most Dr's just don't know and really don't care about anything but getting paid. Speaking of doing squats that is one thing I have not tried but will make sure I start this week to see. I had a heart attach in 2011 and had a stent put in. For some strange reason my back just quit hurting. I had been on methadone for about 10 years and the day after having the stent put in I quit taking them cold turkey. I went almost a year with very little if any pain in my back. It was so strange how that happened. My Dr said a blood clot had came loose in my back and was letting the blood flow better was all he could come up with. Of course me I was just glad that the pain was gone. Then one day it started to hurt a little. I could not recall anything I had done but as time went on it kept getting worse and now the bad pain is back. I have not started or wanted to take the methadone again and am looking for anything to do before it gets to that again. I hate the meds. If I take enough to ease the pain I am like a zombie and hate that feeling as well. I am going to call around this week and see what these people really do and what their thoughts are on my situation. I still have faith in God that he will make it better one day. Thanks again for all the thoughts. I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day
I'm thinking of you, and I really hope you find drug free relief. The doc that performed my back surgery ended up helping out a friend who had tried everything with his back, and he was just about to go on disability. He's never going to be at 100% , but whatever he has was alleviated by my surgeon after he'd exhausted every other option over the years.

It's a drive and would be a risk for you, another doctor, more opinions, but he was great for me after years of so many other doctors not doing a thing, and he helped a friend with very chronic, "can't be fixed" pain so he could have a more normal life.

He's in the Hampton Roads area, Newport News. Dr. Jeffrey Carlson. Might be worth researching or making a call to with your current diagnosis just to see if he has any experience is helping with it.

I just feel so bad for you, knowing how I felt for those 3 years...I just can't imagine... :(

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