Opening weekend


It started out great, I had rafted across the Rogue and set up my deer camp. The weather was perfect with rain all last week the ground was quiet. I jumped a bear first thing in the morning and got a dead center chest shot on him. 6 hours of hiking up and down that freaking mountain later I could find no blood trail or the bear. I was so spent my knees were wobbly as I came into camp only to realize I left my phone on top of the mountain 3 miles away. I took a break and then floated the raft down the river and climbed back up to get my phone then floated back across to get my truck and take the raft back up to find my window smashed out and my tool box stolen. That was the last straw, I packed up my camp and came home to find out we were going to have one of the larger rain storms here for the next few days. Now there's a tarp over my truck. Im really bummed about the bear, I dont kill anything I dont eat and that was a nice bear. Thats the first time an animal has got away from me and hopefully the last. I still dont get why there was no blood. I would gladly trade that bullet in the bear for a bullet in that jack wagon that broke into my truck.

Yes it is. You should see the salmon and steelhead coming out of the river, They were thick at dusk. There was no one on my side of the river for miles, I had it all to myself.

sorry you lost the bear, i'm the same way about eating what i kill...i hate thieves!!!
How far were you from Gold Beach? I took the jet boat trip up to the rock slide (falls), what great county.
How far were you from Gold Beach? I took the jet boat trip up to the rock slide (falls), what great county.

GB is about 60 miles straight over the mountains through bear camp road or about 120 if you go the long way through Cali. This is fantastic country, That river is a mile from my house. Gods country for sure. Ya Im still bummed about the bear, Ill probably go back some day this week and look again. Hopefully he lived and Ill get another chance.