Okay, time to bash the new guy.


New to the forum, and I have been reading and reading for the last few weeks after joining up. Tons of great info here! I picked up an '08 last month (in the fastest color, of course) from a member here, and he encouraged me to join up, and get in on the fun. She is stock with 4600 miles, except for the Yosh 77 cans.

Now, for the noob part...I know, I know search is your friend, and from my other experiences on sportbike forums, this is the oldest inquiry on every one:

-I am getting a full exhaust soon, and want the best method to tune. My past experiences getting full exhaust is that if I don't tune for it, there are dead spots or rough idle. I have contacted the 'zuki dealers in my area, and they don't have an answer for me. I live in Alaska, and I don't have a local tuner identified. I am not looking to squeeze every last pony from the engine, I simply want reliability, and the smooth delivery I have now. I am only doing the exhaust for sound, weight savings and because that is simply what I want.

I have read up on the ECU programming software that is available, but cannot seem to find a canned tune available that I can just drop in. I have never been a PowerCommander fan, but maybe it is the solution for what I seek?

Is the tune necessary on the Gen 2 Hayabusa with full aftermarket exhaust? How do they run with full exhaust and no tune?

Your input is greatly appreciated!
:crowbar: well you did ask for it. Some of it depends on the exhaust. You have exhaust that deliver very little performance and some that deliver up to 15 ponies. You have exhaust that come with an O2 bung and others that don't. The Gen II ECU is different from the Gen I.

Base maps get you close ( powercommander ) the best option is to locate a tuner close to you and get a dynotune IMO.

Not an expert
won't be any bashing here anyone who does won't do it twice :laugh: A tune is in order with the full exhaust and :welcome: No tuners in Alaska???
Thanks for the replies, gents! I have yet to identify a local tuner, but I will keep searching.

My first choice was a Yosh R77 carbon full system.

I am looking at others like the Akro, and the Two Brothers.
All I have is a couple of really lame pics, right now :(

Nice, welcome to the madness! Need to help you out with the bone stock problem. :)
Welcome, and if you going with a full system, flash the ecu and you will get what you need. It will be better than a programer.
I say ride it for a little while. You got some additional HP with those Yosh cans. If you truly want reliability to be a priority, leave it alone. Welcome!
Welcome, and if you going with a full system, flash the ecu and you will get what you need. It will be better than a programer.

And this was my assumption. I was hoping to get a canned tune, and have this done. It is what I have done with other bikes, and I have had no issues.

Since I do not have a dyno tuner in my area, I wanted to contact a tuner, tell him what I had, and either get the file from him or send him my ECU.

Is this possible?
I didn't really do a before and after dyno comparison, but I did do a before and after dyno with a full Tsukigi exhaust. I originally installed the exhaust for weight saving and better looks and sound. Also did the pair valve (plugged the hose with marble) mod to get rid of backfire with new exhaust. It actually ran well, but had a few slight dead spots about 3500 RPM - nothing you couldn't live without, but just not perfect. I hooked mine up to the O2 sensor and as I said it didn't run too badly. I left it that way for about 3 years and then finally decided I needed to get a dyno tune. The tuner disconnected the O2 sensor, installed a PC5 and flashed the ECU to take out the timing retard in the lower RPM range, removed the RPM limiter and top speed limiter. I was very happy with the results as it was much smoother through the gears - no dead spots. The before and after with the tune was: Before (but with full exhaust) 180 HP and 106 torque. After was 186 HP and 109 torque (with O2 sensor disconnected)
Appreciate the responses.

I am going to contact the guys posted, and see if I can get a canned tune, and flash it. I did look at the PC site, and see that they have some for the PC5.

I need to decide which system to go with. Have always gone Yosh, other than my Triumph where I went with Wolf for my triple, and had the Triumph race tune flashed.

This winter I will begin all the other mods. It's a long winter up here.

I had Heli riser bars on my ZX12R, and loved them, but I am not sure I will do that with the Busa. I really like the bars on this bike, even with momma on the back. I need to go for a longer ride with her, and see how my arms feel.

I am so pleasantly surprised by this bike, and its comfort. I avoided it in the past, just because I didn't care for the looks of it. My how things change! The custom tail sections I have seen on some of the bikes in the Garage is very appealing. I will definitely be hitting you all up on this mod, soon.

Thanks again, fellas! Any and all input further on this is great. I have been reading through the threads in the engine mod section, now that I have found it. Just getting used to the format on your forum.