Now what?



Hello Riders, I just installed a Yoshimura Full System, w/ the single sided Hi-Mount, on my 2000 Blue/Silver Hayabusa and yeap I'm experiencing problems, backfires and sometimes it seems to not get the gas when I accelerate. Any help will be greatly appreciated. This is the only drivetrain mod. I have made. Thanks!
U need to re-map the puter dood, you should but a power commander to do it (should have bought one with the exhaust). This is a common problem with new exhausts.

Thanks for the rapid response. What kind do I/should I need? How hard is to install, does it just plug in. I had read about an install here somewhere but cant seem to find it anymore. Anyways, should that be the only thing I need? Like I said, this is the only modification I have done. My sincerest appreciation in advance.
also if that doesn't quite do the trick remove the PAIR valve system. It usually causes backfires when a new exhaust is installed.
Contact johnnycheese - he is a board member and a "tuner" he has PC3R's on sale right now and he can reload a MAP in it for you that will take care of your problems