Notorcycles on Modern Marvels

a keyboard in one hand , a mouse in the other(house mouse that is) , T.V. Guide in the other , how many fricken hands you got Keith ?
Yer on top of just about everything are'nt ya.

Have a good 1.....RSD.

Leave a hand free for a little..... :drink: beveridge delivery
o ya.....whats a Notorcycle? is that the chosen method of transportation for one of those people who is a Notary Public.

hee hee hee.......had to do it....

knowing your anal retentive side , for spelling and grammer.
Went to the Motorcycle as Art show at the Guggenheim in Spain...nearly cried. Made me want to fly back to the states and get on my cycle.
Fun show, thanks for telling us. I turned the show on right after I read the post.
Oh Damn!!! I am not even going to edit that one...Notorcycles!!! It's going to be the new thing...I am telling you...HA HA...Thats pretty messed up...Notorcycles. :crazy:
In Las Vegas, they have a Guggenhiem Exhibit at the Venetian Hotel. The busa was there. We are part of a history making motorcycle. You don't have to go to spain for the exhibit.....its all there in the city of sin. for the low low price of 16.00!

They got a black statue of Revlis too....