Northern Calif Coast Ride / PICs inside


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Everyone here seems to like photo's ( me included ) Here are some I took last month when my buddy from Kona was here visiting...

California Giant sequoia redwoods were awesome!

Hwy 36, 1, 299, 162 ... :thumbsup:


EPIC OCT 09 005b.JPG

EPIC OCT 09 013b.JPG

EPIC OCT 09 018b.JPG

EPIC OCT 09 034b.JPG

EPIC OCT 09 036b.JPG

EPIC OCT 09 087b.JPG
I tried to drive my dads 70 caddy under that tree back in the 70s The Caddy was to wide and had to back out ...:beerchug::rofl: That tree looks just like it did 39 years ago ..Thanks for the pictures :thumbsup:


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Nice pics...I pretty much hate you tho... well, it's mostly jealousy... :rofl:

I hope Noah is done building his ark soon, I'm getting awfully sick of the crappy rain weather here in Maryland...



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We are having a drought here, the last photo of the bridge doesnt show it but the water level below hasnt been that low since 1977. We could sure use some water here... Yesterday it was 75 degree's here! Thats about 15 higher than it should be this time of year... Oh well I guess I'll have to ride ... :)

Sept 2009 T-Hil 153.jpg

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