Noise when engine is cold


I have a 2002 Hayabusa with 300 miles on the clock. When the engine is cold I hear a rattle on the right side of the motor, the noise comes from the area where the oil filler is located. When you increase the engine RPM it goes away, and when the engine is hot it goes away altogether. Is this noise just a characteristic of this engine, or should I take the bike to the dealer for warranty service?


Joe Moffa
That's the cam chain most likely. It just needs to wear down a notch and will go away after a few thousand miles.
My Busa made camchain noise up until 4000 miles when I finally got on it hard and it never came back.

Seemed like the tensioner ratcheted out another click.

The only noise I have now that I keep an eye on is a noise I get when I've been cruising at 4000 rpm or more for extended periods on highway and when I come to a stop I hear a light knocking sound when I blip the throttle lightly below the rpm range of 1500 rpm. But goes away after some stop and go riding in the city.

It seems to be temp related. The dealer said there is nothing wrong.

Let me know if you experience the same noise because I have searched other sites and I seem to be the only one that has it on my bike. It has never got any louder but I keep a close ear on it.
Thank you for your help, I am going to take it to the dealer and see what he has to say. I will keep you posted.

Joe Moffa
Actually my bike suffered the "dreaded" cam chain noise when in actuality the noise is more than likeley caused by the clutch. The shouldered bolts(not the ones holding the springs) are supposed to be loc-tited from the factory...most are not. They become loose and cause the rattling sound. I've checked and loc-tited 4 Hayabusas and the noise stopped immediately on everyone. Check it out soon, some have found out they were loose the hard way...