New Year's Resolutions


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My resolutions are as follows:

1. To stay tall, dark and handsome...
2. Not to
as much...
3. To continue to ride the most beautiful bike on the planet...
4. To continue to ride the fastest production bike on the
5. To polish up my charm...
6. To do everything in the Busa vs Romance thread, except
just ride the Busa...

I think that's enough for now...
Drop the 20 lbs. I put back on after being laid off. Back to the weights and better eating habbits. Buy another H&k that I've had my eye on. And most important get a permenant job in sunny FL. OK, realy the most important.... More 'Busa related toys!!!



I noticed you mentioned H&K...I've got a brand new Glock 23 40 cal. w/extra mag for 5 benjamins...
Thanks, but no thanks. I have a Glock model 20 - 10mm. I wanted the 10mm, but couldn't find a Colt Delta E. I have a H&K USP Compact .357 Sig. I have a CCW for Florida and it is good in several other states. The USP C is great for carrying (sp). I am thinking about the full size of the same caliber.

On the other side I'm about 2 shakes away from buying another big bore rifle. I'm just not sure what I am looking for yet. If I do, I'm going to fire up the lathe at the inlaws and start fabing some toys for it. Hell I've even considered one of those .177 caliber varmint rifles. I'd realy like to see what it does to a squirle.

Getting sleepy here at work, and long winded, and off on another tangent.


Lose the 15.. OK.. 20 pnds I gained after I quit smoking. (8 months ago! )

BusaHigg... Do it man.. you will love it.. just stay strong bro.
same as every year.

keep a positive attitude, treat others the way you want to be treated, and race every weekend I can..
Lose some weight, and get in better shape. Lastly, find another job, and get out of the sweatshop I'm in now.