East meets West and North.........


Rode 2 hours last night to see some old friends and meet a new friend. TwtRacer(Juan) and his brother Abe came to Fontana Village(Tail of the Dragon), and Scar Hayabusa rode in from the West. Had a great time hanging out with these guys.

Left to right, Scar, Juan, Dk(me), wife, King of England(Kevin), and Abe. If these guys come within 2 hours of any members, try and meet them as they some of the best peeps on the planet. They are riding with RacerV today and hopefully the rain will clear off.

Juan prefers staying at hotels, since a couple years ago as our house guest, we put him in a twin bed for a few days, although he is 6' 12", he never complained....lmao

Prayers for safe travels as they ride on across the planet.


Guy in Thor middle looks shifty, just sayin :laugh:

Glad you guys had a good visit and under much better circumstances than last time :thumbsup:
Looks like a Blast, Scar should be arriving shortly here in Raleigh. Then up at 8am to hit the twisties.