New to this site and new to the Busa life. Just wanted to give a shout out


Hey Everyone

Im new to the scene, from Alberta Canada. Been Riding for 6-7 years. Gxxrs and now Busa.. I own a 2004 Busa, will attach pics soon. Nothing even compares to busa and im thankful i switched up. I dont ride to to much because my job has me all over the map, but when i do get out, i do my best to really enjoy the ride. I will however say this.. The stock busa is not going to cut it for me. So if you guys can point me in the right direction, id appreciate it very much.. ie, i want to lower my bike but see there are a few options of how to. So i want the best way, not the cheapest. Also, I do not like the bulk tail end and the rear signal lights sticking out. I need to clean up the back end asap. Ive seen a few conversions n so on but where and how to is another story.. Rememeber, Im from Alberta Canada so im limited as to where to get it from here.

ANY WAYS, just wanted to say hi to everyone and get to know everyone. Ya never know if we every cross paths. Feel free to msg me or comment with your thoughs, ideas, and experiences. I love to hear and read it..

Ride Safe

Dallas W
Alberta, Canada
Welcome to the oRg. For lowering how about some Soupys Adjustable Links? :welcome:
Thanks for all the kind hellos!!! Great to see alot of positive people on here. Anyone from canada? my area?? Oh, and can you buds help with this.. I hate my back end of my busa. Check my photos.. I want to eleminate the side rear lights and plate holder.. I want to show more of the rear. lol ....

Ideas, hints, tips???